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Mouro Capital supports Spain’s Clikalia and Brazil’s Creditas with launch of residential property platform in Mexico

The digital property platform will operate under the Clikalia brand with participation from Mouro Capital, Creditas and Clikalia

London/Madrid/São Paulo, 2 March 2021 – PRESS RELEASE

Mouro Capital, the venture capital firm specializing in fintech with $400 million in assets under management and backed by Banco Santander, is announcing today the launch of Clikalia in Mexico. Clikalia, a platform that digitalizes residential property sales (iBuyer), pools the capacities of two of its investees, Spain’s Clikalia and Brazil’s Creditas. The joint venture’s investors are Clikalia, Creditas and Mouro Capital.

Founded in 2018 in Spain, Clikalia is the leading online residential property platform and is making the country’s property sector more transparent, accessible and efficient. Thanks to its technology, a customer can receive an offer for their property in just 24 hours and conclude the transaction in seven days. The company has standardized the refurbishment process to return ready-to-live-in homes to the market, making them more energy efficient and sustainable.

Creditas, valued at $1.75 billion following its latest round of financing, is the leading 100% digital lending and consumer solutions platform in Latin America. It was founded in Brazil in 2012 and recently began operating in Mexico.

The collaboration between these two companies in Mexico will provide Mexican customers with a cutting-edge, efficient and top-quality solution for buying and selling and financing their homes. Clikalia and Creditas have a 100-strong team in Mexico.

Manuel Silva Martínez, general partner at Mouro Capital, said: “At Mouro Capital we are constantly seeking ways of creating value for our companies and the market. The collaboration between Clikalia and Creditas to serve the Mexican market seemed like a unique opportunity for us. Mexico is an exciting market which is redefining certain business models to make them more transparent, accessible and efficient. Clikalia México is perfectly equipped to make its mark in the property sector. Alister and Sergio are top-notch entrepreneurs who have shown that they can carry out ambitious projects.”

Sergio Furio, founder and CEO of Creditas, added: “We want to create the best real estate solution for Mexico. We will provide the residential market with liquidity and facilitate the process of buying, selling and refurbishing property. The consolidation into a single technological platform will create a new experience for people.”

Francisco Alister Moreno, founder and CEO of Clikalia, said: “Combining the entire buying and selling process, including finance, into a single experience will revolutionize the service that customers receive, providing them with guarantees and eliminating hidden costs and uncertainties”.

Clikalia México has close links to Banco Santander through Didier Mena, chief financial officer (CFO) of Santander Mexico, who sits on both Mouro Capital’s and Clikalia Mexico’s advisory boards.

Creditas is the leading 100% digital lending and consumer solutions platform in Latin America built around three ecosystems: real estate, automotive and employee salaries and benefits. It is actively changing the credit market in Brazil and Mexico through user experience and proprietary technology built to help its customers achieve their goals.

The company’s collateralized lending portfolio integrates home equity loans, auto equity loans and payroll-deducted personal loans to create access to otherwise out of reach products and services with integrated financing and refinancing options.

Founded in 2012, Creditas employs over 1900 Crew Members and has offices in São Paulo, Porto Alegre, Recife, Valencia (Spain) and Mexico City. Creditas has raised $569 million from international venture capital funds and recently was recognized by KPMG, Business Insider and Glassdoor rankings as one of the most promising fintechs in the world.

Founded in 2018, it is the leading iBuyer in Spain. It guarantees vendors an offer for their property in just 24 hours and a sale in seven days. Clikalia uses technology to digitalize processes, contributing its proposal of immediate liquidity. The company has recently been recognized in the European Business, Euronext, E-nnovation, Top 100 South Summit and Cepyme awards.

Mouro Capital is a venture capital firm with $400 million in assets under management which invests in early growth stage fintechs across Europe, North America, and Latin America. Mouro has invested in almost 40 companies including iZettle (acquired by PayPal), Kabbage (acquired by American Express), Klar, a55, and Upgrade.

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