Creditas reaches a R$ 1 billion loan portfolio and revenues of R$ 260 million in the last 12 months

The company's growth was not compromised with the Covid-19 crisis

São Paulo, August 2020. Creditas, the leading secured lending platform in Latin America, has reached R$ 1 billion in its loan portfolio and announces the main results achieved in the last 12 months.

“In early March, due to the pandemic, we preferred to be cautious, as we did not know how the markets would react. Although our pace slowed, we have continued growing and this allowed us to monitor credit quality and capital markets liquidity. Both have remained very strong for Creditas and, in July, we returned to hyper-growth keeping the plan to triple in size in the next 12 months”, comments Sergio Furio, Creditas CEO.

New Product Launches

In the last 12 months, in addition to the consolidation of our secured lending products (home equity and auto equity loans), we launched a strategy focused on creating an ecosystem of products and solutions that follows the customer journey across their needs and life stages. Multiple products were launched in this period:




About Creditas

Creditas is the leading secured lending platform in Latin America and offers four main products: home equity loan, auto equity loan, payroll-deducted personal loans and vehicle financing. Founded in 2012 by the Spanish Sergio Furio the fintech has the purpose of enabling what fulfills people. Secured lending is superior to other types of lending because it offers lower rates, smaller installments, larger loan amounts, and longer payment terms. The company’s digital DNA leverages technology to scale the business, optimize processes, and improve customer experience - without forgoing personalized service, advice, and financial education. Creditas also offers special solutions for those who want to invest in a new business, renovate their home, buy, sell or exchange their vehicles or property. With headquarters in São Paulo, Brazil, Creditas employs over 1,600 crewmembers (employees) and has offices in Porto Alegre, Recife, Valencia (Spain) and Mexico City. Creditas has raised US$ 314 million from international venture capital funds and has recently been distinguished in rankings by KPMG, Business Insider, Glassdoor and LinkedIn, being pointed out as one of the most promising fintechs in the World.

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